Thales Navigation Introduced Z-Max

Thales Navigation introduced the Z-Max, an important new advance in flexibility, efficiency and productivity for topography, construction and boundary surveys. Thales Navigation is a global leader in GPS, including the Magellan brand consumer GPS receivers and Thales Navigation professional GPS solutions.

Z-Max, which uses Bluetooth wireless technology for data transfer between the GPS receiver and the surveyor's handheld controller, completely eliminates the need for cumbersome cables in the field. Further, the system is modular, allowing surveyors to maximize their investment in GPS by easily configuring a system that meets their specific needs, in terms of receivers, communications, post-process software and battery options without requiring the use of unnecessary components. Z-Max allows surveyors to use the modules interchangeably "on the fly" in the field.

"The bold physical design of Z-Max offers the ultimate in modularity and flexibility to let surveyors use GPS on their own terms, and with no compromise to the superior RTK positioning performance," said Neil Vancans, general manager of Thales Navigation's professional products business group.

Z-Max can be used in a variety of modes for convenient data collection, including point-to-point and Network RTK (VRS), pole-mounted mode, backpack, and a combination of pole and backpack.

Reliability is Key

While the design of the Z-Max offers customers comfort and convenience, its superior ADAPT-RTK performance provides positioning reliability, accuracy and availability. Thales Navigation's breakthrough ADAPT-RTK technology automatically optimizes the performance of the receiver based on user conditions, such as ionospheric delay and number of satellites. Z-Max also offers the industry's quickest centimeter-solution fix and near 100 percent reliability. Not only can surveyors be confident of the data they collect, they can collect it faster than with competitive systems.

Z-Max features software to detect and automatically adapt to user conditions and Z-Tracking for clean extraction of the encrypted L2 P-code, which is needed for fast, reliable centimeter results, even at long base-line lengths.

High-Performance Integrated Communications

In addition to the Bluetooth integrated receiver, and completely cable-free RTK rover, Z-Max offers users the first true integration of UHF and cellular communications, all encased in a robust housing. The long range unlicensed UHF signal, with patent-pending new antenna technology, has a coverage of up to 1,250 square kilometers (482 square miles).

Integrated Software Solutions

The total Z-Max system includes GNSS Studio and FAST Survey field and office software suites. The two software packages are designed to work together while dramatically streamlining planning, set-up, processing, analysis and documentation of GPS-based measurements.

"Z-Max continues our commitment to being the GPS specialist that delivers the most cost-effective, professional grade measurement systems available. Thales Navigation is dedicated to being a long-term business partner with dealers and field surveyors," added Vancans.