Included in the POB Premium membership, our new POB 2020 Salary & Benefits Report indicates that RPLS/PLS/RLS/LS registration/licensure can pay off for survey and geospatial professionals.

The below chart compares salary and benefits data from previous.

surveyor licensure

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surveyor licensure
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Licensing requirements vary by state, with some states requiring a bachelor’s degree along with professional qualifications. Professional development hours (PDH) or continuing education credits (like our KnowledgePoint courses) are another factor in maintaining a professional surveying license once it is earned.

In the previous Salary & Benefits Report, licenses remained an important factor with over 80 percent of respondents reporting holding at least one license. Most licenses are for professional surveyor or equivalent, but the number of engineers has shown a steady increase over the last three study periods.

What researchers find interesting in this year’s 2020 report is that the most common categories of work are actually those that are declining. For instance, boundary surveying is performed by 76 percent of the firms, down from 83 percent two years ago and 88 percent three years ago. GPS surveying is done by 68 percent of the firms, down from 72 percent and 81 percent in each of the two prior studies.

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