Thales Navigation Introduced the Z-Max with Bluetooth

Thales Navigationintroduced the Z-Max with Bluetooth wireless technologyfor data transfer between the GPS receiver and the surveyor's handheld controller. The system is modular and the modules can be used interchangeably on-the-fly in the field. ADAPT-RTK technology automatically optimizes the performance of the receiver based on user conditions, such as ionospheric delay and number of satellites. Z-Max offers quick centimeter-solution fix and near 100 percent reliability. Z-Max features software to detect and automatically adapt to user conditions and Z-Tracking for clean extraction of the encrypted L2 P-code, which is needed for fast, reliable centimeter results, even at long baseline lengths. Z-Max offers integration of UHF and cellular communications encased in a robust housing. The long range unlicensed UHF signal, with patent-pending new antenna technology, has a coverage of up to 1,250 square kilometers (482 square miles). The total Z-Max system includes GNSS Studio and FAST Survey field and office software suites. (Thales, Santa Clara, Calif.)