In Point of Beginning’s new 2020 Laser Scanning & 3D Surveying Trends report — jointly produced with Clear Seas Research — the idea that engineering firms could be adopting new technology for the sake of new technology is put to rest. The market is driving demand for engineering firms to adapt, with 95 percent of respondents saying that demand for 3D services has grown in the past year.

3D Tools Purchasing

Modeling software and point cloud data are the top tools purchased both in the past 12 months and planned to be purchased in the next 12 months.

Recent and Future 3D Tool Purchases

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3D Services Demand Changes

95 percent of users indicated a growth in demand for 3D services within the past year, with construction layout and topographic surveys sustaining the strongest growth.

Laser Scanning/3D Applications Seeing Largest Growth
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3D Services Drivers & 3D Tool Purchase Factors

Requiring new capabilities and wanting to be recognized as a technology leader are the biggest demand drivers for 3D services. Top purchase factors for 3D tools include a need to update existing equipment and project specifications.

Factors Driving Demand for Laser Scanning/3D Surveying Tools
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Additional information included in the 2020 POB Laser Scanning & 3D Surveying Trends report: 

  • Usage of laser scanning/imaging and 3D surveying tools in workflow
  • Laser scanning/imaging recently purchased, and expectations for future purchases
  • Expectations for growth within the field, including projected changes in demand for residential, commercial, and infrastructure applications
  • Attitudes about how the surveying profession is influencing laser scanning/imaging implementation
  • Opinions about how 3D surveying tools are influencing surveying
  • Previous training and preference and likelihood for future training

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