Historic Ellicott City in Maryland is experiencing higher intensity storms than usual. This lead the city to expand a culvert pipe on the main street – which turns into a channel of raging floodwater during these events. Unfortunately, the project was incomplete in August 2020 as another heavy rain event hit the city, causing a landslide and stirring up a high flow that ripped out the culvert.

Floodwaters washed out asphalt and other debris. Contractors working with the city in expanding the culvert and cleaning up after the storms needed help and called in Wallace, Montgomery and Associates to create a 3D map of the terrain.

“We did LiDAR scanning of the washed-out area and had to do some scanning of the culvert site too, because the city wanted a higher capacity culvert that could pass a larger storm so it wouldn't happen again,” says Eric Cooper, vice president of surveys and mapping at Wallace, Montgomery and Associates.

Cooper’s team including Jerry Weiss, Shawn Dix, Jacob Gabler and Jesse Caris went into the aftermath of the storm, working overtime to perform LiDAR scans of the area.

“They did a great job, they were willing to put in the extra hours, overtime, weekends – whatever needed to be done to make sure we could quickly respond to the needs of Ellicott City to get them back up and running again,” Cooper concludes.