uGRIDD Corporation has announced the release of its 3D data viewer, uPANO 2.0. uGRIDD’s platform is a Web-based solution for infrastructure professionals to easily show, share, host and find infrastructure data. The platform interfaces with all common data formats used in the infrastructure lifecycle and publishes the data over Web-based interactive maps.

The new uPANO 2.0 viewer handles 3D data in panoramic views, accessed from vantage points overlaid on an interactive map. The company says it allows extremely precise LiDAR point picking while not compromising performance. This is accomplished via an upgrade to the uPANO 1.7 engine, which now allows users to load and utilize actual LiDAR data.  uPANO is operable on any device with a Web browser, can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time, does not require additional software or plug-ins, and requires no special training to operate.

To assist users in data point picking and edge identification, a number of advanced computer visualization technologies are employed in uPANO 2.0. They include: user-adjustable point size, point shading, grayscale color mapping by depth, and uGRIDD’s Spotlight feature. When Spotlight is used, a small sample of LiDAR data is loaded dynamically in the viewer around the user's cursor.  This allows seamless use of the viewer on devices with lower-grade graphics cards and helps keep users focused on the area of interest. The uPANO viewer is currently deployed in LiDAR2Map, Scan2Map and CAD2Pano products.

In addition, uPANO 2.0 now offers the ability to switch between panoramic imagery and LiDAR views, alter the number of visible neighboring vantage positions, and jump between multiple common units of measurement (usFT, feet, meter) on the fly. Also new in the release is uGRIDD’s linear referencing system (LRS). When extracting feature points, uGRIDD’s LRS can compute, display, and export stationing (mile post or kilometric point) and offset, XYZ coordinates, and point descriptions, adding to uGRIDD’s ability to disseminate project data.

About uGRIDD

uGRIDD is a Web-based service provider that offers its customers geo-referencing for their infrastructure data. The website provides customers with a platform to show, share and find data. It also provides tools to manipulate and process geo-referenced data. The founders and developers of uGRIDD include licensed professional engineers, land surveyors and information technology (IT) professionals who are advised regularly by experienced infrastructure policy makers, legal counsel, financial experts and successful entrepreneurs.