Eos Positioning Systems, Inc., provider of submeter Bluetooth GPS and GNSS solutions, received a 2019 Esri Partner Conference award in recognition of its contributions to Esri mobile applications.

“As a long time Esri partner, this ‘Energizing the Market Award’ highlights the ongoing value Eos brings to our shared customers,” said Francis Kelly, Esri Manager of Global Partner Programs.  “Their thoughtful approach to connecting the field worker to the enterprise GIS creates customer satisfaction and significant ROI across our business sectors.”

Esri ArcGIS users benefit from bundling the Eos Arrow GNSS receivers and Esri mobile apps to create real-time, high-accuracy field GIS solutions on consumer devices such as iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

Eos has brought high-accuracy receivers to the Esri user community while taking advantage of Esri Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS, according to Paul Salah, Esri Canada Director of Strategic Alliances.

According to Eos, its mission is to turn the complex world of high-accuracy submeter and RTK location into simple and affordable integrations to the Esri ArcGIS platform.  This is achieved with behind-the-scenes transfers of high-level GNSS information with Esri mobile apps.  The exchange is nearly transparent to the end-user, and therefore minimizes the knowledge required for anyone to capture survey-grade 3D locations. 

The adoption of high-accuracy solutions among GIS users coincides with a general shift toward digitized asset management, away from paper maps and CAD drawings.  The shift is the natural result of more affordable and easier to use technologies; the proliferation of smart devices, and industry trends including increased regulations.

“Now more than ever, customers want to start taking advantage of the tremendous flexibility GIS has to offer,” said Eos CTO Jean-Yves Lauture. “And the first step in creating an accurate system of record is field mapping with GPS.”