Eos Positioning Systems’ Arrow Gold is a Bluetooth GNSS receiver. The high-accuracy iOS, Android and Windows receiver implements all four constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), three frequencies (L1, L2, L5) and satellite-assisted RTK.

The palm-sized Arrow Gold works with any data collection app designed for iOS, Android or Windows. This means apps like Esri's Collector/ArcPad/Survey123 and others work with the Arrow Gold right out of the box.

The Arrow Gold introduces a new RTK feature for poor cellphone coverage areas called SafeRTK. The SafeRTK feature uses satellite corrections to fill in when the user's RTK network connection is lost. For the Arrow Gold, SafeRTK takes over when wireless coverage fails, allowing users to continue working with centimeter accuracy for up to 20 minutes, free of charge.

On all iOS, Android and Windows devices, the Arrow Gold Basic delivers 8-centimeter real-time accuracy using all four satellite constellations and the Atlas satellite correction service.

The Arrow Gold is built for tough environments. It is palm-sized, water-proof, dust-proof and weighs less than one pound. It works in the rain, dust, dirt and all-around rugged environments. Users can mount the Arrow Gold on a rangepole or slide it in a vest pocket. The Arrow Gold's long-range, rock-solid Bluetooth radio stays connected to the users’s mobile device up to 1,000 meters away and its field-replaceable rechargeable battery pack lasts all day.

The Arrow Gold is targeted at high-accuracy applications like GIS, environmental, agriculture, electric/gas/water/telecom utilities, surveying, machine control, and federal/state/local government.