Aerial mapping company Bluesky recently completed a topographic survey of the old Anchor Color and Gum Works site in Dighton, Mass. Working with Lighthouse Land Surveying, Bluesky completed the initial 65-acre fly over capturing ultra-high resolution imagery. The Bluesky photomaps, together with existing conditions mapping by Lighthouse, will be used to plan remediation of the former manufacturing facility prior to redevelopment.
“We have worked with the Bluesky team for many years,” says Richard W Reid Jr., Owner of Lighthouse Land Surveying, LLC. “So, when we were contracted to prepare a topographic survey of this historic site, they were the obvious first choice. However, this wasn’t an easy task as we had to get the initial survey work completed before any ground detail was obscured by snow.
“Bluesky was able to fly the area within one week of the initial request and we immediately performed the photographic control for aerial triangulation,” he continues. “Bluesky was also able to extend the coverage, with very little notice, to include an adjacent area which will be subject to future sidewalk construction activities.” 
Bluesky Geospatial, formerly Col-East, undertook the aerial survey from its headquarters in North Adams, Massachusetts, using an Aero Commander aircraft. Equipped with a Vexcel Ultracam Eagle Mark 3 large format, digital aerial photogrammetric camera, Bluesky flew the site capturing 2 lines of 11 exposures each at 3.5 centimeter resolution. Mapping the site at scale of 1”=40’ with 1’ contours, the final product was delivered to Lighthouse in AutoCAD Civil 3D format.
The Anchor Color & Gum Works, with its plant in Dighton, originally manufactured furniture before going on to produce colors ground in oil for paint as well as starch and softening agents. Acquired by one of the largest importers of natural indigo from India, the business then became part of the Arnold, Hoffman & Co. corporation.