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RE: Career Notes: Riding the 3D Wave

The fault is entirely mine, but there is a typo in the recent article about my career. The highlighted portion below was brought to my attention by Glen Schaefer of Wisconsin and should read “the NGVD 29 level loops.” I presume there is a way to make a correction.

Following completion of the horizontal project, SEWRPC tackled the vertical transformation challenge. Admittedly, the horizontal project included a bit of “reinventing the wheel.” Therefore, instead of developing independent vertical transformations, we very carefully tested the performance of the NGS VERTCON program and documented circumstances under which the NGS program, VERTCON, could be beneficially used. A comprehensive simultaneous least squares adjustment of the NAD 27 level loops with the SEWRPC region confirmed the quality of the previous sequential vertical adjustments that had been performed over the years, and the corresponding VERTCON results were very compatible.

I apologize for that oversight and express, again, my thanks for the write-up.

I have referenced the POB article (https://www.pobonline.com/articles/101710-career-notes-riding-the-3d-wave) on www.globalcogo.com and noted that the print version contains that typo.

– Earl F. Burkholder, PS, PE, F.ASCE


The correction has been entered on the online versions of the article. Unfortunately, the print and digital editions have already been published with the error. Thank you to Glen Schaefer for his eagle eye and to Earl Burkholder for passing along the correction in a timely manner.

– Editor