Two years ago, Trimble celebrated its 40th anniversary at the biennial Trimble Dimensions International User Conference, the signature event for our global user community spanning agriculture, construction, geospatial, transportation, utilities and more.

But this year, as the global pandemic unfolded, it didn’t take four decades of wisdom for us to know we needed to forgo our plans to keep the health and well-being of our nearly 5,000 attendees as our first priority.

Even though this decision left a three-day void in the November 2020 schedules of our many Trimble enthusiasts, our team is using the unexpected space and time to look back at our 20-year conference legacy and reimagine what attendees need and want from the Trimble Dimensions of the future.

Trimble Dimensions 2.0: What we know

Although our exact plans are still a work in progress, you can count on two Trimble Dimensions experiences in the future. The in-person Trimble Dimensions International User Conference will return Nov. 7-9, 2022, to The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. 

Additionally, because we want to be more in touch with our global community, a new Virtual Trimble Dimensions experience is slated for 2021, enabling a larger audience to gather and explore some of the most salient topics impacting the land surveying and geospatial engineering professions today.

Four truths for future conferences

There’s no doubt: 2020 has been a teacher. It taught us that there really is no replacement for seeing our colleagues face-to-face, no substitute for hands-on, in-person learning opportunities, and no virtual alternative for touching and testing the equipment and technology solutions that enable our businesses and organizations to flourish.

But this year also enlightened us on the new ways we can leverage technology to increase productivity and quality, even in restricted environments. We also discovered untapped potential in our solutions to work more sustainably, increase office-to-field transparency and improve safety in the field and on the job site. 

As we digest all we’ve come to know and more deeply appreciate from this globally challenging time, these four truths are shaping the future of Trimble Dimensions:

I. There’s no replacement for being there.  

No one has figured out how to shake hands and share a drink across the internet, and Trimble Dimensions attendees count on seeing people face-to-face that they don’t get to see in their daily professional lives. This is also true for seeing Trimble equipment in action, in the field, and at an off-site demonstration site where Trimble enthusiasts can see fully autonomous equipment and other innovative solutions in action. 

II. Collaboration makes education more impactful. 

Professional development hours, experienced side-by-side with peers, make for impactful learning. Tips, tricks and deeper domain expertise are best delivered in a classroom setting, where best-in-class experiences can be shared and discussed. Trimble Dimensions will continue to offer presentations from Trimble users and customers, expert panel sessions, continuing education courses, computer labs, hands-on demonstrations, and product teams discussing the technology, instruments and software that are available. 

III. Inspiration and celebration are vital to professional health. 

Much of the excitement of Trimble Dimensions centers on the success of our customers and the stories of the amazing work they achieve. All work and no play would make for a dull experience, so Trimble Dimensions will continue to offer inspirational keynote speakers and a little fun whenever possible. 

IV. Virtual gatherings are here to stay. 

As everyone shifted their business practices in 2020 to a safe social distance, virtual gatherings became the norm and showed us new ways technology can effectively bring people together from across the globe. For this reason, Trimble Dimensions will include online, virtual components in addition to the customary in-person activities, so we can get more people involved around the world without the cost for travel.

As we consider the future of Trimble Dimensions, the legacy of Trimble innovation continues, and we hope you’ll join us when we gather once again.