Trimble introduced the Trimble AP15, the latest member of the AP series of OEM GNSS-Inertial board sets. The AP15 uses a custom Micro ElectromechanicalTrimble introduced the Trimble AP15 Machined (MEMS)-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). It takes advantage of Applanix’s proprietary calibration process— Applanix SmartCal— a software compensation technology that allows Trimble to achieve performance from IMUs manufactured specifically for mobile mapping applications. Combined with a wheel-mounted Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI), the AP15 provides 6 degrees of freedom navigation solution for land vehicles that is capable of providing robust position and orientation information regardless of obstructions to GNSS-only positioning such as multipath or complete signal loss. GNSS functionality is provided by a Trimble GNSS module, a dual-antenna, 440-channel, multi-frequency survey-grade GNSS receiver that supports a wide range of satellite signals.