The RIEGL LiDAR 2015 conference in Hong Kong in early May began with an announcement about upgrades to the company's VUX1 line of scanners. About 300 people from 40 different countries attended the two-day event, with another two-day conference in Guangzhou, China immediately after the first. Dr. Johannes Riegl, CEO of Riegl, gave a keynote at the opening ceremony. He said Riegl opened an office in China to meet growing demand. The 3D laser scanning market in China has been increasing and Riegl is looking to grow its presence in the country.

Riegl announced additions to the company's hardware portfolio. The VUX-1 line of scanners has been updated.

The VUX-1, which debuted at ILMF, has been renamed the VUX-1UAV to appeal specificially to that market. The VUX-1 HA is named for its high accuracy. Dr. Riegl said it takes 1 million measurements per second at an accuracy of 5 mm. It is made for short-range scanning such as mobile mapping and tunnel profile measurements. Rounding out the series is the VUX-1LR, which has a maximum range of about 1,350 meters, for flying at higher altitudes.

All three VUX-1 scanners are created for specific applications. Dr. Riegl said they cover all types of kinematic scanning.

Dr. Riegl also showed off the RIEGL VP-1 helipod, a helicopter-mounted scanning system. It's a fully integrated system with a scanner (either the VUX-1LR or VUX-1UAV), cameras and GNSS.

He also talked about Riegl's mobile mapping system, the VMQ-450. The VMQ-450 has been engineered to be more compact and lighter than the VMX and is more affordable for smaller companies.

Riegl is making an effort to expand their portfolio to cater to specific needs and budgets.