For land surveyors looking to connect with others in the profession, the RPLS Network is a great resource.

You can ask questions and share opinions with land surveyors around the country and across the globe—just with a few clicks and a little typing on your keyboard.

The RPLS Network recently was redesigned for a faster and easier online experience. There’s full integration with, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between the RPLS Network community and POB’s featured content.

All you need is an account to get started. Once you have an account, here are three tips to make the most out of the RPLS Network:


1. Create a post. Start talking and typing by clicking on the blue “Create a Post” icon near the top center of the page. After clicking there, select one of several topics—from “Strictly Surveying” and “GIS & Mapping” to “Travel” and “Other General Discussion.” Then, select New Topic, type in a Subject and Message, and click on Post at the bottom left of the page.


RPLS_photo2. Upload photos and videos. Want an eye-popping way to make sure people see what you have to say? Add a photo or video to attract attention. It’s easy to do. Simply click on the picture icon (fourth from the right on the top line in the message box), browse for your image file, give it a title and click update. Your photo should appear in the message box. The instructions are similar for video, except to start you click on the film icon (third from the right on the top line in the message box).


3. Subscribe to a topic. Keep up on your favorite conversations by clicking on “Subscribe to RPLS_subscribethis topic.” Then choose “Instant” or “Daily,” and you will receive email notifications every time someone replies to that topic.

So get started now. See what’s going on at the RPLS Network today by clicking here.