What are the growth opportunities for surveyors and geospatial professionals in 2014?

POB asked some equipment and software dealers their predictions for the surveying market this year, and some of them also shared their thoughts on opportunities for surveyors to grow their business.

Many pointed to emerging technologies, such as laser scanning and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

“We see more and more demand and curiosity and people using or wanting to use laser scanning for the building construction process,” said Mark Duncan, the president of Duncan-Parnell. “We’re getting more calls almost from the end user, like a subcontractor or contractor interested in it. Typically, that’s an opportunity for a surveyor or geospatial firm that has a 3D scanner. I think that’s good news for everybody because, hopefully, demand is growing there.”

Lanny Schnipper, the segment manager for Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Co. Inc., pointed to work in utilities as a growth opportunity.

Some dealers also cited cloud technology as a trend that will shape growth.

“How people will leverage technology is going to be fascinating and is exciting,” George Allport Jr., the president of Keystone Precision Instruments, said. “There’s going to be tremendous growth, and that’s going to be exciting to be associated with.”

Where do you see opportunities for growth in the surveying market?

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