Business and marketing topics were hot in 2012. Traversing the Law continued to be popular, and many readers also wanted to learn more about future trends and technologies. But there was one article that more of you read than any other subject. What was the hot topic?

We compiled the Top 12 most read articles in 2012. Here’s the list, starting with #12:

12.When It’s OK to Spend Your Boss’s Money by Jeffrey Turner
11.How a December Dollar Spent Can Be a Good Thing by Jeffrey Turner
10.3 Tips for Effective Marketing by Alexis Brumm
9.Sight Lines: How to Predict the Future of Surveying by Christine Grahl
8. A Second-Class Profession by Jeffery N. Lucas, PLS, Esq.
7.Sight Lines: What Does the Transportation Bill Mean for You? by Christine Grahl
6.Eight Tips for Better Time Management by Milton Denny, PLS
5.How the PS Exam Could Get Easier
4.What Does ‘The Road Ahead’ Look Like? by Michael L. Binge, LS, GISP
3.Why Some Old-School Survey Methods Die Hard by Christine Grahl
2.Does Title Equal Location in Land Surveying by Jeffery N. Lucas, PLS, Esq.

And the number one article for 2012 is:
1.Surveyors Make a Fantastic Discovery in the South by Milton Denny, PLS

That was the general consensus from the readers. What do you think? What was your favorite article? Leave us a comment below.