I had a rare opportunity to watch a bunch of TV this holiday, mostly documentaries, but they were varied in content. After watching several on history I began to realize how flimsy our construction is. The shows highlighted the work of the Romans, their great cities many of which still stand today; their public works facilities, their roads, bridges and coliseums, libraries and meeting places.

I watched as they documented ancient Mayan civilizations, the Great Wall of China, Anasazi Indian cities, the Cambodian temples of Angor Wat and structures in the Middle East dating before Christ. We are talking facilities, structures, infrastructures that while may not be in full service today; they are still standing and have varying degrees of structural integrity. Indeed they have lasted thousands of years.

We can give enormous credit to the architects, engineers and builders who constructed Westminster Abbey which dates to the 1200’s and is in full service to this day. However, these other civilizations go back thousands of years before even this!

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