I wrote about this a year or more ago, and my position was and still is that the economy isn’t coming back. This is our new economy, one of indecision, uncertainty, huge debt and literally no future. The Apple iPhone and iPad is not what is going to save us, but infrastructure could if we would let it! 

I just read in the New York Times (Aug. 4 & Aug. 12) that Congress approved $26B for states that are fiscally insolvent to remain with their full staffing of government workers, teachers and police. We have 35,000 people in my county and we have 25 sheriff’s deputies, 24 town police and an untold number of state police all keeping us “safe.” We have one 1 teacher for every 20 students. And now they are bailed out to keep this ridiculous level of government staffing in place. ... Go here to read the rest of this blog post.