Does the sharing of data come down to socialism? Is the stigma of technological egalitarianism preventing the growth of GIS by politically stifling the sharing of data on a federal, state and/or local plane?

From a conservative standpoint, readers of my blog may surmise a left-wing leaning in the whole data centralization approach. Had my intention been to formulate a political stratagem and clear a myopic path to the systematic functioning of data from a far-left perspective through sharing, then I would certainly agree.

However, when it comes to data, I am unyielding in my purpose to weed out inefficiencies at all levels, and my approach begs understanding on both sides of the spectrum. I must admit that I am guilty of trying to remove the inequalities that exist in the way we treat our data and seek out a solution that benefits us all. Thus, something like developing a national GIS might be seen as a move to the left by some as the sharing of data brings more than a hint of socialism to the frontlines. Others, however, myself included, believe that sharing data is imperative to gaining a revitalized ability to discover and interpret information about our country.

GIS is an invaluable tool that consistently offers us breakthroughs in technology via its spatial perspectives. We must address the issues concerning data sharing from a non-partisan standpoint and begin to look at data sharing with a different mindset-as a solution-oriented paradigm that will benefit our civilization and pave the way of the future.


What do you think? Is there a political element involved when it comes to sharing data? Please post your comments below.