Marketing is important to gaining new business, especially in a down economy. But how do you effectively capitalize on marketing opportunities?

Marketing is important to gaining new business, especially in a down economy. But with staff and money in short supply these days, creating an effective marketing strategy can be a challenge. Many people think about marketing in terms of direct marketing (mailers, e-mail blasts, etc.) or advertising. (Being in the magazine business, of course, I’m a big fan of the latter.) But it can be easy to overlook some other effective marketing tactics. Volunteering for a worthy cause, being actively involved in your community, writing a magazine article or a letter to the editor, giving a presentation at a conference or trade show-all of these efforts can help you get noticed in a positive way and can generate new opportunities.

Winning an award is another good way to get noticed. That’s one reason whyPOBcreated ourHighlights in Surveying contest-to help high-quality firms get the recognition they deserve. Winners are profiled in POBmagazine and can use the article in their marketing efforts. Firms like Architectural Resources Consultants, which won second place in last year’s competition along with Heritage Surveying and Optira Inc., have capitalized on the award by adding it to their company’sWeb site. (See the related article in POB's February 2009 issue,"A Winning Bet.") For surveyors in the city of Idaho Falls, Idaho, the 2008grand prize winners, the honor led to an article in theirlocal newspaper. And, of course, all of the individuals involved now have an easy way to beef up their personal resumes-an important consideration in today’s shaky economy.

Marketing matters, and numerous opportunities exist to get your firm-and yourself-in the limelight. Now is not the time to be shy. You never know what doors will open when you take advantage of every possible chance to promote your firm’s experience and expertise.

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P.S. There’s still time to enter the 2009 Highlights in Surveying contest. Just visit and fill out the entry forms-there are no fees involved. You can even enter multiple projects! But hurry-the deadline is February 16.