First of all, Merry Christmas to my colleagues in the business! Here we are at the end of a horrendous year of business for most people in engineering, surveying and construction. Land development is all but gone, infrastructure shows promise but could be a mere fleeting tease of what should be. What does 2011 look like from your point of view?

The money that kept many people busy this year was “Obama money” which is essentially gone now. Construction firms based on roadway paving are already letting people go with no idea of when or if they will ever be rehired. This was on the front page of the Washington Post[1].

It is estimated in multiple venues that about 50% of America’s engineers, surveyors, architects and construction personnel are unemployed. How absurdly tragic that in a country that is falling apart that our leaders don’t see the imminent fall of Rome that we are staring at. The longest war in America’s history is the only thing keeping millions of high paid people working right now. The Lockheed Martin’s, Northrop Grumman’s and other DOD contractors are doing quite well, hiring and giving bonuses this Christmas while our infrastructure is caving in around us. Take a look at how many jobs are open at BAE Systems! Top security clearance now trumps education, experience and maybe even who you know. The DC region has many top security job fairs because there are somewhere around 50,000 openings for those with security clearances of varying levels. We have basically become the world’s leader in military, banking and Hollywood and almost nothing else.

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