Visitors to Capturing Reality — the new event for laser scanning, LiDAR and 3D data capture and modelling — will be able to get hands on with the latest rapid point cloud processing software, Pointfuse. Arithmetica will be presenting a workshop session at the inaugural event and will also have a stand at the Capturing Reality Exhibition, which takes place in Salzburg, Austria, Nov. 23-25, 2016.

Capturing Reality incorporates SPAR Europe and European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF). Focused on the technologies of laser scanning, LiDAR and 3D data capture and modeling, Capturing Reality features industry experts who will present the latest concepts and advances in capturing reality, and an international exhibition.

The Arithmetica workshop session is titled “Current and Future Developments in Automating the Scan to Model Workflow” and will take place at 12h00 on Nov. 25. Featuring a new version of the point cloud engine, which powers Pointfuse, it will enable the audience to experience the production of easy-to-use 3D models from billions of individual laser scan measurements in a matter of minutes.

Capturing Reality visitors will also get a sneak preview of Pointfuse Version 2. Featuring enhanced processing algorithms, Version 2 — due for general release in January 2016 — revolutionizes the way the point cloud software reproduces complex geometry such as curves and pipework.

Pointfuse is a powerful modeling engine developed by Arithmetica, a hi-tech company based at Shepperton Studios. Pointfuse gives professionals a fast, precise and flexible way of converting the vast point cloud datasets generated by laser scanners or photogrammetry into high-fidelity vector models. Designed for engineers, architects and construction professionals, Pointfuse uses advanced statistical techniques to create vector models that can then be manipulated using any industry-standard CAD system.

About Arithmetica

Arithmetica is an innovator in 360-degree imaging solutions and automated laser scanning data processing software. Located at the world-famous Shepperton Studios near London, Arithmetica is the company behind SphereVision and Pointfuse. Arithmetica is a software house that develops software solutions to solve real-world scientific, medical and engineering problems. Arithmetica builds on more than 30 years of television and film production to develop software for clients around the world.