Teledyne Optech has announced that it will be a sponsor of the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS) taking place on Oct. 19-23 in Quezon City, the Philippines. At the show the company plans to display its most powerful and efficient survey products for the Asian market. Judah Westby, Teledyne Optech regional sales manager, will deliver a presentation on the multispectral Optech Titan.

Westby’s presentation, titled “New, Flexible Applications with the Multi-Spectral Titan Airborne Lidar,” will explore the wealth of new data that the Titan provides and what can be done with it. First, Westby will quantify the Titan’s performance in shallow-water surveys, showing how its 532-nanometer channel penetrates up to 15 meters deep in clear coastal areas. By using all three channels, Titan can also measure up to 900,000 points per second on land, giving it excellent flexibility for both bathymetric and topographic surveys.

In addition, Westby will show how the Titan measures 12-bit intensity returns from its 532-, 1064- and 1550-nanometer channels separately, enabling the user to identify soil, grass, asphalt, buildings and even different species of trees. This ability makes the Titan a powerful tool for land classification programs, ecological monitoring, tree farm management and more.

Teledyne Optech will also display several high-accuracy surveying systems at booth 4C. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how the Optech Galaxy’s SwathTRAK technology improves efficiency in mountainous terrain, and how small companies can use the world-leading LiDAR bathymeter Optech CZMIL Nova by borrowing it through the CZMIL Project Program.

Road and rail surveyors can compare all three models of the highly-productive Optech Lynx mobile survey system to see which one offers the right mix of performance and price for them. Finally, the booth will also have details about the new uses for the Optech ILRIS terrestrial laser scanner, including software integration with the new camera-equipped Optech XR6 UAV for lightweight surveying, and with Teledyne RESON’s SeaBat echo-sounder for harbor and coastal management.

Teledyne Optech is a world leader in high-accuracy LiDAR 3D survey systems, integrated cameras and productivity-enhancing workflows. With operations and staff worldwide, Teledyne Optech offers both standalone and fully integrated LiDAR and camera solutions for airborne mapping, airborne LiDAR bathymetry, mobile mapping, terrestrial laser scanning, mine cavity monitoring and industrial process control, as well as space-proven sensors.