Mapillary, a community-based mapping photo app, is teaming up with Esri, a world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. They will help governments and businesses see their cities evolve in real-time through the ArcGIS platform integration.

With ArcGIS support, Mapillary users will be able to

  • Navigate photos in a web-based viewer
  • Load any ArcGIS data layer or base map
  • Use Mapillary street level photos to edit and update their data
  • Automatically sync edits back to ArcGIS Online

Mapillary creates detailed maps that go beyond street view by instantly stitching together hundreds of thousands of crowd-sourced photos, giving cities the ability to gain insights immediately rather than weeks or months later. The ArcGIS integration provides governments and cities with a tool to help them manage inventory and city assets, monitor repairs, inspect pavement quality,  and assess sites for public transportation projects.