The Capturing Reality Forum, which takes place at the Salzburg Congress in Salzburg, Austria, from Nov. 23-25, has announced its keynote speaker. Professor Luc Van Gool, founder and head of the Computer Vision Laboratory at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland, has been selected to present.

“We are very excited that Professor Van Gool will be delivering the Keynote Address to the Capturing Reality Forum Conference,” says Alastair MacDonald, conference chairman. “Professor Van Gool is internationally recognized for his work in computer vision and 3D object recognition and classification and turning images into 3D models. His presence at the Capturing Reality Forum gives added weight to the highly topical and informative CRF 2015 conference program.”

Van Gool will open the conference on Monday, Nov. 23 with his keynote address, “3D in the image of a city,” which will discuss ETH’s latest advances in mobile mapping using images as the main input. He leads a research lab at both Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and ETH, and has worked on a broad variety of computer vision topics. His experience includes texture analysis and synthesis, 2D and 3D object and object class recognition, multi-view and structured light 3D reconstruction, visual robot navigation, tracking and motion analysis, and visual gesture and emotion interpretation. Increasingly, parts of the research are focused on the integration of recognition — 3D — tracking. He is particularly interested in how class recognition can influence the other two aspects. 

The cutting-edge conference program includes three days of technical papers on the technologies of laser scanning, LiDAR and 3D data capture and modeling and is supported by an exhibition of 40 stands displaying leading manufacturers, software developers and service providers of 3D imaging, laser scanning and LiDAR products.  As an extra benefit to delegates, many of the exhibiting companies will host workshops with further discussion of technology.

Another highlight of the event is the venue itself in the historic setting of Salzburg, which is easily accessible and coincides with Salzburg’s renowned Christmas markets.  

Those who register online before Thursday, Oct. 15 will benefit from early bird rates. For more information, visit