Orbit GT is showcasing its new UAS Mapping product at the UAS Expo in Las Vegas, this week.

“We’ve been in the UAV business for over eight years now, and we’ve seen it grown from scratch,” says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “With this new UAS Mapping product, we are bridging the gap between data capture challenges and generating tangible results.”

While technology has evolved such that many drone manufacturers are capable of mapmaking flights and post-processing is readily available, the company says there still is a big gap to exploit that UAS data and create maps or other derived deliverables from the raw collected data.  Orbit GT’s UAS Mapping product aims to add tools for profiles, volumetric analysis, height contour lines and clash detection, all in one bundle.

Orbit Geospatial Technologies specializes in solutions for exploiting mobile Mapping, UAS and aerial mapping data in managing, viewing, extracting, publishing, sharing and embedding in workflows. Orbit GT is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium.