Septentrio has selected Unmanned Systems Source as an authorized dealer for GNSS positioning products in the UAV market. The two companies will showcase the Septentrio drone solutions in booth 320 at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Oct. 5-7.

Unmanned Systems Source, a woman-owned small business, based in Tucson, Ariz., is an online warehouse with a quickly growing selection of parts, components and systems for the unmanned marketplace. It is positioned as a single source of supply and information serving commercial, governmental and public sectors.

“AsteRx-m UAS, GeoTagZ and the Altus NR2 combine to provide an easy solution for UAV data collection and processing that is small, lightweight and simple to use while ensuring the ultimate in dependable centimeter-level accuracy,” says Neil Vancans, vice president of Septentrio Americas. “We look forward to working with Unmanned Systems Source to make this technology more widely available to the rapidly growing UAV community.”

Earlier this year, Septentrio introduced its AsteRx-m UAS high-accuracy GNSS receivers and GeoTagZ software suite designed specifically for drone applications. The AsteRx-m UAS board provides consistent, robust centimeter-level positioning even under extreme challenging interference and multipath conditions. The compact, lightweight module also has the industry’s lowest power consumption — less than 600mW with GPS and 700mW with both GPS and GLONASS satellite measurements, extending range and increasing payload. In addition, the AsteRx-m UAS enables users to accurately synchronize a camera shutter to GNSS time.

Septentrio’s companion GeoTagZ software suite works together with the UAV’s camera and image processing solution to provide high-accuracy position tags of images without the need for a real-time data link. GeoTagZ is available as a library of software to integrate easily into the UAS image processing tool chain. The AsteRx-m UAS and GeoTagZ can be combined with the Altus NR2 base station to provide real-time corrections or reference data for GeoTagZ.

The AsteRx-m UAS and GeoTagZ solution provides seamless integration into UAV onboard systems. The module plugs directly into common autopilots. Power comes directly from a micro USB, a 9-30V external power supply or the 5V vehicle power bus. GeoTagZ is designed to be integrated with Septentrio’s Altus NR2 base station for high-accuracy calculations.

“At Unmanned Systems Source, our concept is to provide our customers a true one-stop shopping experience for the full range of UAS products and systems through distribution agreements with industry-leading companies like Septentrio,” says Jennifer Jerrick, CEO of Unmanned Systems Source. “Septentrio’s powerful GNSS receiver and complementary software are important additions to our product lines.”

Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells high-precision multi frequency multi constellation GPS/GNSS equipment used in in a variety of industries including marine, construction, agriculture, survey and mapping, GIS, UAVs and other industries. Septentrio is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.