A former drone mapping pioneer and founder of one of the world’s first UAV surveying firms has launched SkyPoint, a group of UAV, image processing, mining and geomatics experts focused on drone and geospatial solutions. Their goal is to help businesses successfully implement drone technologies for geospatial applications.

“A significant amount of time and money can be spent on drone technologies and mapping software/services, which over promise and under deliver,” says Scott McTavish of SkyPoint. “We take an unbiased approach regarding platforms, sensors and software, and align the best solutions for the intended applications, budget and timeframe.”

SkyPoint tailors drone mapping solutions to each customer’s unique needs, and helps establish their own in-house capabilities. Drone implementations can be complicated, expensive and risky. Having an experienced team for guidance during the early stages can greatly increase the success rate and lower the inherent risks of operating drones. SkyPoint personnel have been involved in all aspects of the UAV surveying industry, including regulatory compliance, flight planning and ground survey, uav flight, data processing, marketing and branding, and R&D.

“Having over 7 years experience and 2000-plus commercial flights gives one an unique perspective and understanding of UAVs and mapping solutions,” McTavish says. “We view drones and their related technology as a tool to safely and proficiently collect, assemble and deliver geospatial data, data being the keyword.”

SkyPoint’s experts are able to assist organizations both experienced and new to drone mapping technologies, such as surveying and engineering firms who desire to run this as a service, or for businesses such as aggregates, mining or oil/gas firms who are seeking to add UAV solutions within the company.

SkyPoint Drone Consulting offers drone consulting services remotely and onsite through a distributed team in Canada, USA, Mexico and South America. They are a group of highly experienced and skilled drone, regulatory, geomatics, mining, photogrammetry and business consultants whose mission is to help drone based mapping, surveying and remote sensing organizations reach their full potential, in a timely manner and on budget.