Routescene recently launched its LidarPod at Intergeo 2014 in Berlin. Since that debut, Routescene says its proposition to transform the approach to surveys across the world is taking hold.

The LidarPod is a 3-D mapping technology designed specifically for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The goal behind it is to allow surveys to take place that previously would have been cost or time prohibitive.

The LidarPod enables faster surveys, decreasing time in the field and reducing data download time, ensuring users are working with resulting databases within hours. The business benefits are that surveying is more accessible, can be applied to more scenarios and enables customers to allocate budget more effectively.

Applications include power line inspection, forestry such as biomass volumes to cut and fill analysis in mining, highway mapping, and surveys. The LidarPod is lightweight, compact and quick to deploy in the field. It can be used on vehicles as well as UAVs, making it flexible enough to adapt to a multitude of environments.

Routescene is a global operation offering insight across all aspects of data management and visualization. Routescene focuses on addressing the problems the survey industry needs to solve, using combined intelligent thinking with experience to design reliable and practical solutions.