Unmanned Vehicle University, which offers graduate degrees in unmanned systems engineering, is landing in Las Vegas to host a comprehensive “UAV Fundamentals” seminar. It is set for on Sept. 11-13 at the Rio All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

“This three-day seminar is designed to provide participants with a complete overview of how UAV systems and technologies operate and how they will have a hand in transforming various commercial markets in the future,” says John Minor, Unmanned Vehicle University provost. “This seminar is helpful for anyone looking to enhance their skills in their current industry, and for anyone interested in becoming a professional drone pilot in the future.”

The event explores everything there is to know about safely operating a drone. It will provide an extensive overview of the technologies, uses and applications for unmanned aerial vehicles and will be taught by Lt .Col. Fred Bivetto.

Participants will learn about the various technologies, functionalities and uses of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Day one courses include: Welcome and Introductions, Definitions & Concepts, UAV Commercial Applications & Economic Impact, How to Start a UAV Business, UAV Military Operations, UAV Sensors & Characteristics, and Alternative Propulsion System Design Considerations.

Day two courses include: Communications & Data Links, UAS Conceptual Design, Improving UAV Reliability, Regulation and DoD Operations, UAV Alternative Navigation, Human Machine Interface, UAV Autonomous Control, and Future of UAVs.

Day three courses include: UAV Alternative Navigation, Human Machine Interface, UAV Weaponization, UAV Autonomous Control, UAV Swarming, and Future UAV Designs & Roles.

On day three of the seminar, students will be given the opportunity to practice drone pilot and operation training at a local field for the second half of the day. Each participant will be able to fly an aircraft and learn basic maneuvers such as takeoff, hovering, directional flight and landing under the supervision of a UVU instructor.

“This seminar provides the most comprehensive technical short course training that any prospective UAV owner/operator could possibly take,” Minor says. “Unmanned aerial vehicle education is an essential step to prepare for the drone revolution that’s already beginning to take form.”

According to the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the rapid adoption of drones in a wide variety of commercial markets is going to create more than 100,000 jobs and $82-billion in economic impact over the next ten years. “Our goal is to prepare the UAV pilots of the future so that they can capitalize on the many opportunities that drones offer,” Minor says.

Lt .Col. Fred Bivetto joined Unmanned Vehicle University straight from the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS). He has 22 years of engineering, aviation and project management experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in national security.

For $1,499, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world. The seminar also counts as four credits towards a university degree program.

Based in Phoenix, Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) has a goal to educate and train the next generation of drone pilots and entrepreneurs seeking to build careers and businesses in this rapidly growing field. Its doctorate and master’s degreed faculty and training pilots are experts in their respective fields of remote sensing, navigation, aviation, aeronautics, systems engineering, and flight test. Its UAV/drone instructor pilots have combined total flying experience of more than 60,000 flight hours in UAVs.