AVEVA is introducing version 2.1 of its 3D design software, AVEVA Everything3D (E3D). Building on AVEVA E3D 1.1 the new generation of plant design software introduces an enhanced user interface to drive down learning curves and increasing efficiency.

Unique laser scanning capabilities deliver benefits, especially for brownfield projects, and significant changes to the structural and supports modules to maximize performance.

“We’ve made a number of major enhancements to AVEVA E3D after working closely with our customers,” says Dave Wheeldon, AVEVA CTO. “The market has demonstrated a real appetite for more powerful and advanced plant design software, and our customers have made it clear that AVEVA E3D is delivering a game-changing solution.”

The company says the software has been extremely well received in early trials, with leading names having overwhelmingly positive responses.

AVEVA E3D 2.1 is currently being trialed by select customers worldwide.  It will be launched at the AVEVA World Summit in Dubai Oct. 20-22. 

To learn more about the AVEVA World Summit, visit www.avevaworld.com.