GeoLearn is offering nine new courses on geodesy topics by retired NGS Chief Geodetic Surveyor David Doyle. The introductory geodesy course topics carry approval for professional development hours from the ABET-accredited geospatial program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

"Dave was of phenomenal service to geospatial professionals when he was with NGS," says Joe Paiva, CEO of GeoLearn. "We are proud to be the only 24/7 education source that delivers Dave's quality, video-based education on these needed topics."

The first eight courses are offered as a series. The first is an introductory stage-setting course on geodetic fundamentals for those who have been hesitant to delve into any geodesy-related topic. It is a primer for a broad spectrum of geospatial professionals and technicians in fields such as land surveying, engineering and technical GIS applications. The rest of the series includes two courses on classical horizontal datums and contemporary horizontal datums, and two on vertical datums. Doyle includes an additional course on future datums and another on coordinate systems. 

The ninth course uncovers the "secret sauce" to understanding and using NGS data sheets. It helps novices and experienced alike understand the clues and guideposts embedded in such sheets. Doyle includes a discussion of how to understand the accuracy (horizontal and vertical) of various marks based on the metadata provided in the data sheet. Also included is information on how to access photographs of the marks and how to  update the information using a simple program that can be downloaded from the NGS website.

"I've been addressing groups of surveyors and other professionals who use NGS data. In these courses, I take those decades of interaction and try to anticipate and address the most common problems they've encountered and most of the questions they would ask," Doyle says.

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