The Federal Aviation Administration announced it has granted eight more commercial unmanned aircraft systems exemptions for companies to operate in the U.S. national airspace.

The agency issued six new exemptions and amended two others.

Total Safety U.S. Inc. will be permitted to operate UAS for flare stack inspections and Slugwear Inc. (dab LikeonaTree Aerial) can perform aerial photography and surveys with UAS. Slugwear and Total Safety submitted petitions for exemption in July and August respectively.

A group of four aerial film and television production companies that all applied at the end of September also received exemptions and included Team 5 LLC, ShotoverCamera Systems LP, Helinet Aviation Services LLC and Alan D. Purwin.

The FAA also amended two of the first exemptions granted for Pictorvision Inc. and Aerial MOB LLC to include additional types of small UAS for aerial filmmaking.

As for all Section 333 exemptions, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx found that the UAS in the proposed operations do not need a certificate of airworthiness because they do not pose a threat to national security or national airspace users.

The exemptions will also carry the standard limitations of maintaining line of sight with the aircraft and requiring an observer and a pilot with a private pilot certificate and current medical certificate.

To date the FAA has received 342 requests for exemptions dating back to last May.