Rand Worldwide, a global leader in providing technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements, announced that its IMAGINiT Technologies division has formed a dedicated Reality Capture Services (RCS) Team. Comprised of industry professionals, IMAGINiT’s dedicated RCS team furthers clients’ capabilities to collect, process and apply reality capture data to their projects.

“Today’s reality capture landscape ranges from standard terrestrial scanning to sensors mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles to cell phone apps,” says Scott Hale, vice president of business development, IMAGINiT Technologies. “Our RCS team takes a strategic approach by focusing on the business needs first and then determines what processes, workflows, hardware, software and training are required to transform the rich data collected into design and engineering deliverables.”

To simplify reality capture and ensure customers are taking the right approach and using the right technologies, IMAGINiT offers three key reality capture services: Proof of Concept; Strategic Business Planning & Project Assistance; and Customized Training.

Proof of Concept

Working side-by-side with customers, IMAGINiT’s RCS experts demonstrate the specific business benefits of reality capture technologies such as high definition scanning and aerial photogrammetry.

IMAGINiT recently completed a proof of concept showing the management team of a historic New York City building how high definition scanning could capture higher levels of detail, including wood carvings embedded in the interior design, that were previously impossible to capture. IMAGINiT’s RCS experts further demonstrated how the resulting point cloud could be used to guide the building’s restoration and historical preservation plans.

Strategic Business Planning & Project Assistance

While reality capture delivers value to many industries, different companies leverage the available technologies in different ways. For this reason, IMAGINiT offers Specification Oversight and Project Assistance.

Specification Oversight – through consultation and training, IMAGINiT RCS experts can equip organizations with the knowledge needed to qualify and specify outsourced reality capture service providers.

Project Assistance – IMAGINiT’s RCS experts are skilled at providing custom project-based support for teams working on live reality capture projects. Olsson Associates took advantage of this expertise while working on a live project for a power utility client. Over-the-shoulder training ensured that they were able to learn the technology, processes and workflows while creating billable deliverables. Olsson even involved their client in the process to illustrate the value of reality capture.

Customized Training

IMAGINiT RCS experts offer a broad range of customized reality capture training for architecture, design and manufacturing firms as well as building owners and facilities management teams. Courses range from learning the fundamentals to specific field practices to creating the right workflow to fit your unique business needs. All classes are tailored based on the types of projects and data that need to be captured so your team learns on real-life projects. And as IMAGINiT’s RCS team is multi-disciplinary, every instructor has a deep understanding of the industry as well as the technology.

To learn more about IMAGINiT’s Reality Capture Services watch this 2 ½ minute video and contact IMAGINiT Technologies at 1-800-356-9050 or visit IMAGINiT’s Reality Capture Services.