Autodesk announced the Autodesk 2016 software portfolio of design, engineering, and construction solutions to help drive the industry’s business transformation to Building Information Modeling (BIM).  The 2016 Suites for buildings and civil infrastructure projects offer a host of improvements and new capabilities for Autodesk Building Design Suite, Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite  and Autodesk Plant Design Suite.  Increasingly, government agencies and private sector customers around the world are mandating the use of a BIM process.  Autodesk’s Suites for architects, engineers and contractors offer the software and cloud-enhanced services needed for BIM projects, allowing firms who have adopted BIM to remain competitive and those seeking to move to BIM the flexibility to transition with greater ease.  

“The driving force behind the Autodesk 2016 Suites is to accelerate how the built environment is designed and made," said Amar Hanspal, senior vice president, IPG Product Group, Autodesk. “Projects today are massive team efforts, with players coming and going, often in dispersed geographies, and requiring different tools on an on-demand basis.  Our 2016 solutions support a collaborative process in more ways than ever before, with expanded cloud services and flexible ways to license our software.  It’s all about supporting a highly adaptive, multi-discipline and dynamic environment by providing the right resources when and where customers need them.” 

New features available in all Autodesk 2016 Design Suites

AutoCAD 2016  Enhanced features specifically for the construction industry to help make it easier to coordinate, extract as-built information, and document designs: 

Attach and view Navisworks models directly inside AutoCAD software, referencing the Navisworks model during the design process to avoid potential design clashes. Take advantage of Navisworks’ vast file format support to bring models into AutoCAD from other applications, further integrating AutoCAD into a BIM workflow.

Improvements to the drawing canvas in AutoCAD 2016 dramatically improve the visual accuracy seen on screen. AutoCAD 2016 takes full advantage of the latest graphics hardware to deliver a richer, yet faster, visual experience.

Enhancements to PDF export performance and usability improves their use in communication with stakeholders.  PDFs are smaller but maintain fidelity and are more searchable, retain hyperlinks, and can be attached to drawings more quickly.

Autodesk Recap 2016 Helps integrate captured data from laser scans or photos into the design process enabling architects, engineers and contractors working on renovation projects to design in context and deliver high quality reports, drawings, 3D models and visualizations based on existing conditions.  For infrastructure projects, ReCap can be used during the design process to visualize current project progress captured via laser scans or photos to help improve accuracy and reduce risk and errors by providing project stakeholders with vital information at the early design stage.