American Sentinel University’s new e-book, "GIS Certificates: How They Can Work for You," provides expert insight on how earning a geospatial-specific certificate will make a professional’s career, experience and education more marketable when searching for employment and growth opportunities.  The complimentary e-book is available for download.

“In today’s competitive job market, specialized knowledge and skills are at a premium. A GIS certificate is a proof of competence and a resume booster that could be the distinguishing characteristic that sets the applicant apart from the competition,” says Lee Mitchell, MS, certified mapping scientist GIS/LIS, adjunct faculty lead at American Sentinel University. “With little or no GIS work experience, a certificate will ensure employers of your ability. Professionals following non-GIS career paths can use the certificate to demonstrate an additional skill set, improving their chances of expanding their professional opportunities.”

GIS Plays Key Role in Today’s Hottest Fields
Geographic and geospatial information systems, or GIS, is widely used in a diverse array of applications and industries such as healthcare, law enforcement, energy and utilities, transportation, and even public sectors as government and disaster relief.

By obtaining a GIS certificate professionals can commensurate technical skills with business knowledge of how to help organizations become efficient.

“GIS requires people who can understand geographic theory, grasp data analysis, use the tools and bring threads together to weave a coherent picture,” says Mitchell. “It’s demanding and important work and to do it, you’ll need the practical education and experiential background.”

"GIS Certificates: How They Can Work for You’" is a must-read for professionals who want to learn about what to expect from a GIS certificate program, how a career can benefit, how to build on an existing degree and whether working toward a certificate is the right approach.