The Georgia Museum of Surveying and Mapping (GAMOSAM), located in Warrenton, GA, faces closing in the very near future unless a new home for the museum is located very soon.   The museum was started in the late 2000’s by Mr. Dan Crumpton, a local historian, land surveyor and forester in Warrenton, GA.   Dan has always had a passion for the history of the land surveying profession, and he has directed this passion into the creation of this museum.  The museum was officially incorporated in 2009 and a board of directors was established at that time.  The museum is currently housed in a store front in downtown Warrenton, GA, and has well over 100 valuable survey related artifacts.  These artifacts include a wide range of items, including antique land surveying equipment, computers, plotters, maps, etc.   Most of these artifacts were donated to the museum from land surveyors throughout the state of GA.

Mr. Crumpton has announced his impending retirement from land surveying and from the museum to the museum's board of directors and has expressed his strong desire to hand off the museum to another person or entity for care and management.   The Board and Mr. Crumpton are seeking someone to house and manage this museum, preferably within the state of GA.   This museum is a valuable asset to our profession and our state and would have a bright future if it were to be kept together and managed appropriately. 
The museum's board of directors is seeking ideas for possible locations for the museum.   We are asking all land surveyors within the state to please consider your community and local resources and let any member of the board of GAMOSAM know if you or someone in your community are interested in housing this museum.   If we are not able to locate a new home for the museum by early 2015, we will likely lose this asset to our profession and state forever!

If you are interested in this opportunity, or if you know a person or entity that may be interested, please contact Mr. DanCrumpton directly via phone at 706-465-9919 or via email at