CyArk and the University of Central Florida's Institute for Simulation & Training have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

They are attempting to raise $15,000 by May 31st to fund the digital preservation of the 1964 World's Fair New York State Pavilion.

The pavilion was commissioned by New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller and designed by renowned American architect Philip Johnson. It was the tallest and largest of the 1964 World's Fair pavilions and embodied a fantastical vision of the future featuring the architecture of "tomorrow." But today the NYC icon has fallen into disrepair. Having just celebrated its 50th anniversary, the future of the NY State Pavilion is unclear: demolition or restoration? The City of NY is debating, but in either case, 3D digital preservation is critical!

CyArk says: "Your support of this project will enable us to keep a lasting digital record of the structures (listed by the National Register of Historic Places) for our children and grandchildren, and will provide metric information to aide future conservation and restoration. We will also make the 3D data of this "futuristic" site freely available to the public through our website. Thank you to our early backers and our partners who have helped to spread the word. Join the excitement and help us continue this momentum. Let's see if we can reach 50 backers by the end of this week! Pledge today! You can additionally support our efforts by forwarding this email and posting the link, below, on Facebook, Twitter, etc."