The purpose of Surveyors Week is to bring visibility to the profession. During Surveyors Week, surveyors in industry, government, private practice and education promote public recognition of the profession. Governmental agencies, technical professional organizations and citizens groups are encouraged to join the celebration.

Surveyors Week is a perfect opportunity to introduce elementary, junior high and senior high school students to the surveying profession. Surveyors in many areas stage demonstrations of new surveying technologies or displays of ancient and modern surveying instruments to which students and the public are invited.

The National Society of Professional Surveyor’s Trig-Star program-through which a surveyor works with local high schools to promote a math competition in trigonometry is a readymade activity that can be used in conjunction with Surveyors Week. Please contact the NYSAPLS office if you are interested in participating in the Trig-Star program, 518-432-4046 or via email,

Another way to get youth involved is to visit with your local Boy Scouts troop. One of the most challenging badges to earn is the surveying merit badge. As a licensed land surveyor, consider visiting a local troop to teach them about the tools you use and the importance of land surveying.