Quantum Spatial, Inc. (formerly Aero-Metric, Inc.), has entered into a Master Services Agreement with Hawkeye Helicopter, LLC to provide precision helicopter-mounted LiDAR solutions to both Quantum Spatial and Hawkeye clients.

Through this agreement, Quantum Spatial’s High Accuracy Mapping system pod will be mounted on one of Hawkeye’s helicopters when clients request helicopter LiDAR collection. The LiDAR system is mounted to the belly of the helicopter while an on-board computer collects and stores the data sets or point clouds. Each of the points contained within these data sets or point clouds are geographically referenced, which is tying each point to a precise latitude, longitude and altitude or elevation. These data sets or point clouds are then analyzed, classified, and compiled by LiDAR specialists.

The system was recently used to fly a transportation solution project in Kansas with favorable results. Robert Merry, Senior Geodesist at Quantum Spatial served as the project manager for the job. Merry said, “Hawkeye’s professionalism and piloting skills allowed us to coordinate and navigate around challenges that were specific to this project, giving Quantum Spatial the ability to achieve a solution that exceeded our client's expectations. We look forward to many more successful collaborations with Hawkeye in the future.”

The technology and deliverable data that results through Quantum Spatial and Hawkeye’s agreement is a unique and valuable asset because capturing images from a helicopter-based system allows orthophotos to be captured from much lower altitudes, resulting in a higher-resolution and more detailed image.

Craig E. Chaney, LS of Hawkeye said: “Our main focus is to provide the safest, most dependable and professional aerial platform services with both our fixed-wing and roto-wing aircraft fleet. Partnering with Quantum Spatial will allow us to continue and expand upon this tradition.”