Actris and SBG Systems have announced the release of the Viapix, a vehicle-borne, image-based mapping system.

The Viapix uses the IG-500E for real-time image geo-referencing. The miniature inertial sensor merges inertial data with GPS and odometer information.

Viapix can be mounted on the roof of a car. During the ride, six cameras capture 360-degree images that are automatically and accurately geo-referenced. This system carries out the field survey with speed and improves operator security thanks to its remote process.

After the field data collection, the qualification step takes place at the office. Data is imported into the easy-to-use Viapix analysis software. To qualify them, the operator navigates into a "Streetview"-like window in which he can measure distance, enter codes and comment directly on images. Data is then ready to be imported into the GIS database.

The IG-500E is connected to the odometer and to the Viapix internal GPS receiver.

As it embeds an extended Kalman filter designed by SBG Systems, the inertial navigation sensor takes into account external aids and merges complementary information in real time. To get the best performance of every sensor, SBG Systems calibrates all components in dynamic and temperature. Roll, pitch, heading, and position are transmitted at a frequency of 100 Hz to the processor of Viapix while captured images are directly geo-referenced.

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