Cardinal Systems’ Mike Kitaif was honored as Member of the Year by the Florida Region of ASPRS. 

Jeffrey Young, Florida ASPRS national director, said: “I have known Mike both professionally and personally for over 20 years, he has always shown a fervor for our business.”  Kitaif is known for his professionalism and eagerness to share his knowledge, often visiting universities to describe his work and encouraging students to consider entering the field of geomatics, Young said.

Kitaif’s dedication to software development began in 1979 and lead to the creation of the CADMAP software package. His interest continued, resulting in the design and development of the Vr Mapping suite of products. Vr Mapping , known for its innovative solutions, is widely used within the mapping industry.

Recently, Kitaif was recognized for his work with NASA. The Curiosity rover, NASA’s most sophisticated Mars rover to date, is using Cardinal’s Vr Mapping software to map craters created by rocket plumes during the Mars landing. “It’s been an absolute dream to work with NASA”, Kitaif said.

Young said, “Mike continues to demonstrate a passion that puts him at the top of my list of mentors. He richly deserved the honor of being named our Member of the Year."