SBG Systems released the Ekinox Land Solution, which combines an internal navigation system with an odometer and a GNSS RTK reference station for smooth positioning in land applications.

By combining the Ekinox inertial navigation system with complementary technologies such as wheel speed sensor (DMI) and RTK GNSS, the solution helps provide for smooth vehicle positioning even during GPS outages.

Mounted on a vehicle, Ekinox Land Solution provides real-time roll, pitch and true heading (0.05° accuracy) while delivering a smooth position (2 cm). Data is output at 200 Hz and recorded in an 8 GB data logger. Post-processing software is offered to increase attitude accuracy (up to 0.02°).

The Ekinox Land Solution is designed for applications such as mobile mapping, machine control, car motion analysis and unmanned ground vehicle navigation. The solution also helps tackles challenges such as GPS positioning in urban canyons, forests and tunnels.

For more information, go to the SBG Systems website.