Supergeo renewed their partnership agreement with Information & Science Techno System Co. (ISTS), to collaborate on promoting the comprehensive SuperGIS solutions in Japan.

Founded in 1982, ISTS consists of Information System Techno-Center and Space Science Techno-Center which provides clients with image processing, remote sensing services, custom GIS solutions and consulting services.

SuperGIS software offers a wide range of products and services from Mobile GIS, Desktop GIS, Web GIS, Server GIS and Developer GIS. The flexible development structure allows ISTS to create custom and application-driven approaches for geospatial visualization, data fusion and distribution, geoanalytics and data use.

After reaching the new agreement this month, the two parties will start devising a scheme to further promote SuperGIS software to local government sectors, higher educational institutes and large enterprises through various marketing campaigns. Supergeo and ISTS will offer technical support to encourage the use of GIS technologies, helping clients explore spatial issues which affect their life or business operations in Japan.