Visual Intelligence unveiled its new geoimaging solution for infrastructure metric mapping and surveying, the iOne Infrastructure Metric Mapping System (iOne IMS).

When installed on aircraft, the iOne IMS collects ortho, stereo, forward and backward oblique, multispectral 4-band and point-cloud product generation in a single pass.

Visual Intelligence President and CEO Armando Guevara said: “Sensor solutions for infrastructure metric mapping and surveying have traditionally been expensive, single-purpose devices that are not scalable, not flexible, hard to work with and difficult to service and maintain. But iOne IMS represents a new generation of standards-based, multipurpose sensor solutions that delivers the performance, quality and precision that mapping and surveying professional need to grow their businesses.”

iOne IMS is based on Visual Intelligence’s iOne Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (STKA), which is a software/hardware foundation for high-performing, multipurpose 2D and 3D geoimaging sensors for aerial, terrestrial and mobile applications. The system is scalable both in terms of collection and functionality. Customers can expand from a medium-format iOne system to a large-format system. Customers can also buy only the functionality they need in the short term and then add more functionality as needed later on.

The system can be mounted on airplanes, helicopters and UAVs to support a wide range of projects: cadastral inventory, roads and rails surveys, construction surveys and monitoring, oil and gas pipeline corridor mapping, coastal surveys and environmental monitoring, body of water surveys and water quality control, vegetation inventory and classification, forest and agricultural monitoring, disaster rapid response and more.

iOne IMS will be optimized for UAV, UAS and mobile applications. Miniaturized versions will be usable in interior mapping, building information management and other mobile close-range photogrammetry and 3D applications that leverage cell phone technology.