Rolta announced its release of Rolta Geospatial Fusion OnPoint 8.0 and OnField 2.0. Rolta Geospatial Fusion is a suite of solutions that helps organizations integrate geospatial and nonspatial data and exploit spatially enabled intelligence. Rolta OnPoint, the core engine of Rolta Geospatial Fusion, allows users to publish GIS data quickly and securely over the web and connect to any dataset throughout the organization, turning web-GIS into an enterprise solution.

It can also connect to industry-standard databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, and any OBDC-compliant data source via configurable web services.

Rolta OnPoint v8.0 improves the support of business processes across a range of functions and enables enhanced productivity. It brings connected and disconnected enterprise mobility capabilities with Rolta OnPoint Mobile and Rolta OnField solutions. Rolta OnField 2.0 simplifies field data collection and provides both, real-time and post-processing workflows with enterprise-level security and configurability. It brings in strong editing tools with mapping and data collection capabilities for remote users in a disconnected mode.

New features include:

  • Deeper mobility support with connected and disconnected mode.
  • Real time data and workflow integration.
  • Enhanced personalization to add custom layers, save search criteria and create map bookmarks.
  • Greater cartographic control to filter spatial data using SQL and drive map results from database searches.
  • Enhanced thematic mapping, linear referencing and statistical tool.

OnPoint supports Esri technologies and ArcGIS Online, making use of its maps feature and geocoding functionality.

“Rolta OnPoint 8.0 is a significant release of Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion suite of solutions” said Rajesh Ramachandran, president and CTO of global product and technology solutions for Rolta. “Empowering users with more flexibility is key to achieving business excellence. Solutions in the Geospatial Fusion suite, such as GeoBI and GeoAssets have helped several organizations with significant business value and faster ROI.”