Leica Geosystems announces Leica Infinity, the office software for easy management, visualization, processing and georeferencing of combined total station, imaging and scanning data from the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation. Part of an extensive portfolio of software that completes the Leica Nova solution, Leica Infinity provides users with custom deliverables and helps them make informed decisions.

With a simple user interface, optimized data organization and dynamic data visualization, Leica Infinity gives a project overview and ensures streamlined workflows. Scan data can be inspected, cleaned up automatically to remove outliers and re-calculated together with the total station setups. Multiple scans can be combined for the creation of information-rich surfaces.

The instant access to raw data at all times allows users to combine and cross-check scans against processed or archived data and survey results with only a couple of clicks in order to make the right decisions. Leica Infinity offers all the tools to document and report on individual steps and final results before data can be exported for further processing to a broad choice of CAD software packages.

The Leica Nova sensors and software are immediately available.

For more information about the Leica Nova solution and Leica Infinity, visit www.leica-geosystems.com/nova.