The LP960, a professional micro civil drone (or unmanned aerial vehicle) from Lehmann Aviation now comes with a touchscreen tablet. The software helps to immediately process all flight data on a tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

The LP960 is a unmanned aerial platform designed for creating georeferenced orthomosaics and digital elevation models (DEM), as well as high-resolution and live video. This model is designed for civil applications such as mining, geosciences, volume calculation, construction, mapping, agriculture and others.

To prepare the flight the user has to draw on a tablet the area of interest, enter the waypoints and the software operation center will automatically generate missions and program the drone, equipped with an advanced autopilot and navigation systems. At the end of the mission the user can process all the images in orthomosaic/DEM software to generate professional maps, orthomosaics and 3D models.

The LP960 is priced at about $9,100. The kit includes two wings, electronic flying platform, Lehmann Aviation ground control system, power system and a set of accessories. All the parts of the drone are interchangeable. The LP960, as well as other drones from Lehmann Aviation, can be purchased online and delivered worldwide for free.