Huntsville, Ala.-based GeoCue announced that its QCoherent Software products are now available through GSA Advantage, including the updated LP360 2013.1.

This allows United States federal, state and local governments to purchase the products.

Products available include LP360 Basic, LP360 Standard and LP360 Advanced in node locked and floating versions, and LiDAR Server.

The release of LP360 2013.1 brings enhanced visualization modes and classification functions. Separate point and TIN display paths enhances visualization by allowing users to segregate the display of points from the display of Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN). For example, power lines, towers and vegetation can now be displayed as points superimposed over a TIN of the ground surface. Classification flags (Withheld, Synthetic, Model Key Point and Overlap) are now supported for both filtering and reclassification. A display by files visualization mode is available for visualizing LIDAR data by file source; this feature is valuable for quality inspection of data prior to point source ID assignment

The company is offering a new features webinar on May 16. Register online. Download the new release on May 15. If you need to renew your maintenance plan, email