Certainty 3D announced that TopoDOT LiDAR data processing software is now compatible with Bentley Systems POD data format.

TopoDOT has long been compatible with many proprietary system formats and open formats such as LAS and ASTM E57. Adding POD to the list of compatible formats empowers Bentley users to apply the comprehensive TopoDOT tool suite for extracting 3D models and topographies directly from POD files. Bentley users can then exploit POD’s large data set capability as well as soon-to-be-available data management tools being implemented in Bentley’s Projectwise.

“TopoDOT’s compatibility with Bentley’s POD format is just another example of the value and importance of open formats to the LiDAR community,” says Ted Knaak, president of Certainty 3D. “Bentley should certainly be commended for their improvements to the application programming interface capability associated with POD making this compatibility possible. TopoDOT compatibility definitely adds significant value to Bentley’s POD format.”

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